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Haldi & Mangalasnanam Decor

The Haldi ceremony is one of the most joyous and fun-filled aspects of any Indian bridal! We will décor your joyful moment with glowing natural flowers on the ground and turmeric powder in the air finally wishes to the new couple from near ones. For your auspicious occasion, We will fill colors with eco-friendly decoration […]

Pelli Pandiri

Traditional Pelli pandiri this is  will be decorated in front of the house before 2 to 3 days of marriage indicating the celebration of marriage has been started, we will fill this occasion with natural art of colors and different fragrances to bring more happiness into your celebrations.


This is one such special moment in every Bride & Groom life. when the bride & Groom is eagerly waiting to step into a new life with lots of happiness and excitement, we decorate such precious moments with natural blossoms to make the bride & Groom feel like the King & Queen of nature.

Celebrity Management

Everyone celebrates the event with their friends, relatives, and family members, but if you want to make your event more colorful, you’ll need to make specific arrangements to give celebrities prominence. You don’t have to be concerned about such arrangements because we’ll take care of everything without causing any inconvenience to the celebs.